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Welcome To Fosse BBC

What is Fosse BBC?

  • We are a group of like minded individuals who are proactive, focused and self driven.
  • The Club seeks to provide a business forum for the open exchange of ideas.
  • We seek to establish and maintain long term business working relationship within the group.
  • The issue of mentoring each other and providing support and guidance is a central foundation to our group ethos.
  • Group members essentially have a lead role in their current firms/organisations and seek to learn and improve themselves as business people.
  • We all share a desire to support charitable causes both locally, nationally and internationally as per our selected list of charities.
  • The Club will have exclusive and periodic evening events where club members and guests are invited to allow interaction out of the breakfast environment.
  • We look to promote an award winning mentality in our group membership.
  • The Club does not focus on the referral based culture.   Therefore there is no pressure to exchange referrals during meetings as we feel confident that this is something that would develop naturally overtime.
  • The value of club membership goes beyond referral including of course the ability to learn from co-members as having a value added effect upon your own business.