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Trusha Lakhani
Trusha Lakhani Finance Coach | Finance Director | NED | Board Governance and Formation | for Ethical businesses and Non-Profit Organisations

Great Business Matters Ltd

Are you a business owner?

Do you want to make more money?

Are you frustrated that your team isn’t as efficient as you want?

Do you worry that your business takes up too much of your life?

Would you like more time for family, travel or hobbies?

It Is possible!

I have worked in business since I was a child involved in my family business – the manufacture, distribution, and retail of soft drinks. I went on to qualify as an accountant where I quickly gained senior positions because the commercial analysis of company numbers comes easy to me.

After many years doing this I decided to focus on the parts I enjoyed. I get a kick out of helping people to be successful in their businesses.

As well as working as a Finance Director, I have worked as an HR Director. I am also known for my positive attitude towards ethical and sustainable practices and recognised by the ACCA (the largest body of certified chartered accountants in the world) for such.

Not everyone wants to work with me! I’m no yes-woman. I speak my mind and I challenge but I always coach with kindness and remind my clients that this is their business and it deserves their effort and hard work.

I trained with the best coaching program in the world – ActionCOACH. I also supplemented this with additional Quality Mind training. If you’ve got a business problem, a numbers problem or it’s just YOU, I can fix it!

Join my 1-1 coaching programme with individual, focused attention 3 or 4 times a month, team behaviour profiling, quarterly group planning sessions to build a 90 day action plan, and access to me whenever you need it.