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Fosse’s Annual Charity Walk

Fosse’s Annual Charity Walk

Fosse BBC will be undertaking its annual 10 mile charity walk on Saturday May 13th.

We will be aiming to raise £10k on behalf of Me & Dee, a charity providing terminally ill children and their families with precious holidays.

if you’d like to join us please contact Mehmooda on and if you’d like to sponsor our walkers you can donate here.

Fosse BBC Supports The Samaritans

Fosse BBC Supports The Samaritans

We are very proud to be supporting The Samaritans this year, as one of our nominated charities.

This year we’ve raised money for the Leicester charity at a networking event in September and at our annual Ball in November where we raised close to £2,000.

The charity is in need of new volunteers to man phone calls from those in need of a listening ear. If you would like more information and to receive a volunteer information pack please contact

Cinderella Topic of Mental Health in Spotlight

Cinderella Topic of Mental Health in Spotlight

Ranjit Thaliwal, a specialist mental health lawyer, sheds some light on the important issue of mental health, ahead of World Mental Day.

As World Mental Health Day approaches Mental Health will get a welcome spotlight in terms of coverage via TV, press and radio which is more than welcome as often it is a ‘Cinderella area’, as it does not get mainstream publicity although this has been changing in recent years.

Mainstream views can often be uncertain, misinformed, wary and lacking empathy regarding those who encounter and live with ongoing Mental Health difficulties.

Representing those detained under Section means that we see individuals at the most difficult time where they are being detained by force, on a psychiatric unit and often with no leave off of the ward. They can be brought into hospital on an emergency basis sometimes with little by way of possessions and so the whole process can be very upsetting and difficult for them. The individuals we represent can be those detained for the first time or ‘revolving door patients’ who have had multiple admissions going back for over a decade or two.

There is no doubt that the issue of support mechanisms when people are in the community remain critical as the layers of support through family, friends, professional groups and organisations can be the glue that keeps individuals well enough to sustain themselves in the community, particularly getting over periods where there is high levels of stress and mental illness is at the most prominent juncture.

One the great positives about World Mental Health Day is that the spotlight that it creates leads to a number of events being organised by national and regional support groups who provide invaluable support in the Mental Health Law area. Organisations like MIND, The Samaritans and smaller localised support groups continues to do some outstanding work in this area making a huge difference to people encountering and getting through their Mental Health issues and challenges.

Ultimately it is an opportunity to attend and get involved in events which recognise the importance of Mental Health problems and the need for multi-layered support for those coming through those difficulties.

Recent figures indicate that there were 6708 suicides in the UK and Ireland (Source: suicide statistics report 2015 – Samaritans). The figure indeed is significant and does not take into account those who attempt to take their lives and are unsuccessful.

The statistical information regarding Mental Health is clearly available extensively but one of the most stunning figures which has come forward indicates that within the male age group of twenty to forty-nine, the biggest killer of men is not road traffic accidents, Cancer or Coronary Heart Disease, but in fact is suicide. This is clearly a jaw dropping statistic and puts matters into context, showing how Mental Health Issues can have such a devastating and huge impact on individuals and their families.

Mental Health is clouded in confusion and misinformation and here are examples of the myths which often are relayed. The Time to Change campaign has updated on the following myths and facts:

MYTH: Mental Health problems are very rare.

FACT: One in four people experience Mental Health problems in any given year.

MYTH: People with Mental Health problems are not able to work.

FACT: We probably all work with someone experiencing a Mental Health problem.

MYTH: Young people just go through ups and downs as part of puberty. It is nothing!

FACT: One in ten young people experience a Mental Health problem.

MYTH: People with Mental Health illnesses are usually violence and unpredictable.

FACT: People with Mental Health illnesses are more likely to be the victim of violence.

MYTH: People with Mental Health problems do not face discrimination.

FACT: Nine out of ten people with Mental Health problems experience stigma and discrimination.

MYTH: It is easy for young people to talk to friends about their feelings.

FACT: Nearly three out of four young people fear the reactions of their friends when they talk about Mental Health problems.

Regarding the above Mental Health myths, it is really important that a mainstream understanding is built and awareness is raised. This will help the general population to understand the full story behind those who encounter and suffer with Mental Health problems. This awareness brings with it understanding and hopefully a better ability to help those who are in need.

There is clearly a great deal if misinformation and ignorance surround Mental Health issues generally.

Again here, building knowledge and awareness helps to break down the barriers of stigma and prejudice which remain critical. Individuals who have encountered Mental Health problems will need to re-assimilate back into daily life, returning to work, education and a family life etc. Here support and understanding is vital.

In conclusion, it is excellent to have World Mental Health Day to spotlight and bring a focus to this very important area. Hopefully we can all get involved in so many different ways including supporting a Mental Health organisation, helping those who we know are encountering Mental Health difficulties and providing support in this crucial area in any way that we can. The area of Mental Health remains fundamentally important and with a unified effort together we can all make a difference to those encountering Mental Health issues.

Support is the key and hopefully you can play your part in such an important issue.

Ranjit Thaliwal
Thaliwal & Co Solicitors

Fosse Member Wins Local Award

Fosse Member Wins Local Award

We are so proud of our Club member Dave Goodman and Soar Valley Press, who won a Niche Magazine Eco Award last week.

Dave said: “To receive the recognition from our peers who judged us as the winner is truly humbling. We are thrilled to have been recognised for our efforts to be eco friendly.

“As a digital printer we have minimal paper wastage and we recycle everything possible; we have had an energy saving audit conducted, following which we replaced lights and added insulation to reduce heating costs. We use Carbon Offset paper supplies, which involves planting lots of trees.”

Soar Valley Press is also investing in new equipment which will reduce their need to transport work to external finishers, reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Congratulations to Soar Valley Press and to Dave from everyone at Fosse Business Breakfast Club!

Free Networking Evening

Free Networking Evening

The City Rooms and Fosse Business Breakfast Club are hosting an open networking event on Thursday September 1st, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm at The City Rooms, Leicester.

We’re looking forward to welcoming businesses from across the City to this evening, hosted in collaboration The City Rooms where guests will be greeted with complimentary canapés.

If you’d like to attend, please let us know by calling 0116 251 5337 or by emailing so we can put your name on the guest list.

5 Business Lessons from Claudio Ranieri

5 Business Lessons from Claudio Ranieri

Amidst the euphoria of Leicester City winning its maiden Premiership title, the wonderment at the fact that many of its players came from lower leagues, on very low-cost transfers and even frees, another aspect also deserves a great deal of attention. Claudio Ranieri, and the fact that he has never won any of Europe’s top divisions.

In Italy, he won Serie C1, promotion from Serie B and Coppa Italia Serie C with Cagliari and Serie B, Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana with Fiorentina but nothing in his time at Juventus, Napoli, Parma, Roma or Inter Milan.

In Spain, he had two spells at Valencia in which he won the UEFA Intertoto Cup, the Copa Del Rey and the UEFA Super Cup but nothing with Atletico Madrid, where he had a 24 per cent win rate. In France, he won Ligue 2 with Monaco.
Oh and there was his time managing Greece, under him the team played four, drew one and lost three games.
Here are five business lessons that can be derived from Claudio and Leicester City FC:

ONE Enjoy success. Before Leicester began to look like likely winners, or even top four finishers, the team kept its first clean sheet of the season against Crystal Palace in October and Ranieri rewarded his players and staff by treating them to pizza.
Having long-term goals is fantastic, but having smaller targets is a great strategy and celebrating the achievement of these targets with your staff is wonderful for staff morale and for inspiring further success. Also, pizza is always a good idea.

TWO Be authentic and nice. Ranieri has been known as the ‘nice guy’ on English shores since his spell with Chelsea when he was sacked because the club wanted a more likely ‘winner’, in the form of Jose Mourinho.
But Ranieri did not change his demeanour, even at the start of this season when he was criticised and made the bookies’ choice to be the first manager to be sacked, his interview and managerial style did not change. He didn’t treat journalists at his press conferences like most managers do, he developed camaraderie with them, he became their friend, he proved that there is so much power in nice. He won the greatest prize in English football, and he did it whilst being himself.

THREE Have manageable goals. First his goal was to not be relegated, then it was to finish in the top ten, then the top four and finally he admitted to wanting to win the league. Having a long term vision is fantastic, but remember the motivational power of an incremental goal achieved and celebrated.

FOUR Absorb pressure. While his predecessor, Nigel Pearson, throttled one of his own players, Ranieri never let on that he was feeling any pressure. At every goal conceded, every tough press question asked, every decision against his team, he smiled. He is a fantastic example of a manager who gave his team space and encouragement to perform, remembering one vital lesson – stress is transferable, and transferring stress is extremely counterproductive.

FIVE Foresee problems. At the start of the season Leicester were winning games, despite conceding but he adapted the team before conceding goals became a problem. He incentivised the team by promising pizza with a clean sheet and changed the set-up of the defence and as a result a team that didn’t have a clean sheet in its first 11 games of the season had 11 Premier League clean sheets since January. This is a great example of a manager seeing a potential issue before it arises and fixing it before it becomes a problem.

Walkers go 10 Miles for £10k for Leukaemia Charity

Walkers go 10 Miles for £10k for Leukaemia Charity

Members of Leicestershire Law Society and Fosse Business Breakfast Club walked ten miles to raise more than £10k for local charity, Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign.

The group of 80 business men and women and their families – as young as 14 and as old as 67 – completed the ten mile Monsal Dale walk in the Peak District on Saturday September 26, with some members in fancy dress outfits.

Mehmooda Duke, president of the LLS and member of Fosse, said: ““Rik is doing such a wonderful job with his Pass It On Campaign with the whole City getting fully behind him in finding more and more donors for those affected with leukaemia. We are so proud to be supporting him through the money raised from our 10 mile walk.

“The walk itself was such a fun day out for all and we can’t wait to do it all again next year on behalf of another charity.”

Throughout September various companies and organisations across the City are hosting Pass it On stem cell registrations for the Rik Basra Campaign and encouraging 16 to 30 year olds to sign up to the Anthony Nolan Register.

Rik and his wife Kas did not take part in the walk due to a donor drive they held at Leicester City’s game with Arsenal, however they have pledged to take part in the business club’s walk next year, on behalf of another charity.

Rik said: “I’m absolutely delighted that the Fosse Business Breakfast Club and Leicestershire Law Society are teaming up to help raise funds for our work.

“We’ve got big plans for the future and this support really will help us put them into action and ultimately save lives. It seems the group had a great time on the walk too – I and Kas look forward to taking part next year!”

To sponsor the ten mile walk click HERE. The donations page will stay open until the end of October.

Our 10 Mile Walk for Rik

Our 10 Mile Walk for Rik

On Saturday September 26th we are going to be walking for 10 miles to raise money for the Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign.

Your sponsorship would mean a great deal to us and help us to raise money for this great cause. You can sponsor us HERE

Our Cake-Fueled Breakfast

Our Cake-Fueled Breakfast

Fosse is a supporter of Unique Home for Girls, Panjab, and so was only very happy to help mark a very special annual occasion for the charity with cake.

The charity supports girls who are abandoned as infants due to being born female and the nature of the charity means the girls do not know their dates of births, making celebrating a birthday a little difficult. The solution is that the girls have mass birthday on April 24th every year. This year we are asking everyone to upload a photo of themselves with cake on Friday April 24th and tweet @ukuniquehome with it.

We look forward to seeing all your lovely photos!

Leukemia Drive at The City Rooms

Leukemia Drive at The City Rooms

Fosse is encouraging anyone under the age of 30 to come and sign up to be potential bone marrow donors when it hosts a Rik Basra Leukaemia stem cell registration drive this September

On Monday September 21 we will be at The City Rooms, in Leicester city centre, where we hope to sign up 200 under-31s to the Anthony Nolan register, as part of Cancer Awareness month.

Every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with Leukaemia and Rik Basra’s month of collection drives across Leicester is aiming to get more people signed up as potential bone marrow transplants for those afflicted with the illness.

Ranjit Thaliwal, Fosse club president, said: “Popping in and giving a swab will only take 10 minutes but could save a life one day. If you give spit and are later matched with someone you can donate to, it is as simple as giving a blood transfusion. Fosse is very proud to support Rik’s fantastic work.”

The drive will run from 7.30am until 2.30pm on Monday September 21.